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Stop Smoking

The LODATO METHOD for stopping smoking has a 90% success rate.  This five session private program has most smokers successful after the first visit.  In addition to the five therapy sessions in the office you are provided with two cassette tapes for use at home.  The stop smoking program includes a session on weight control to help those who might tend to gain weight after successfully stopping smoking.  Another unique aspect of our program is that, contrary to other programs, we have follow-up built into our program.  We allow you to come back any time within the year if you are having any kind of difficulty.  We have the oldest and most successful program to stop smoking.  People who stopped smoking with us as long as thirty years ago still refer clients to us.  Our success rate of 90%, our low cost and positive approach make this method of overcoming the smoking habit far superior to other methods.  Some HMO's are only recently starting to recognize hypnotherapy as a far superior method to nicotine patches and other methods. 
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